Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Basic Knowledge of Gardening I - What is Garden Container?

-->In Asia areas, a large size pot or basin is called flower container generally, but in western countries, flower pots or basins, regardless of the size of container, they called all containers used to plant and grow plants as garden container or flower container. However, frames of flower pots and basins are not used for plants cultivation directly, they are different from garden containers.
The cultivation way of utilizing garden containers is known as "garden container cultivation", while the way of using garden contianers, with which to plant and grow a variety of flowers, grass, garden trees or foliage plants, to beautify residence and the surrounding environment is known as the "container gardening".

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Most Usual Garden Tools for Housewives

Grow several plants in the house and decorate the environment in everyday life, which could make the whole family live together become more vivid in mentally and physically, while to be a good housewife who is skilled at gardening, you need several essential garden tools.

Flower Shovel

Flower shovel is small, lightweight, and simple to use, which can be used to do jobs such as transplanting, earthing up, cultivation, weeding and so on. For example, when to use planters or flower pots to grow plants, the flower shovel can replace hoe, rake and shovel, and other large tools.

This is a garden tool with wide range of uses, you must to purchase one.
But when using you should pay more attention, because the size of a flower shovel is small, the joint part connecting the handle and the body of the shovel should be broken most easily, so you taken more care when using it.

There are different patterns shovels available in the market for you to choose, among which a shovel with a whole handle and body, which was been casted in a whole is a more durable shovel.

Lopping Shears

Lopping shears can be used to prune branches, as well as suitable for harvesting crops of melons and legumes. The thing you should consider is the spring lies in the middle of the shears is very easy to lose.

Lopping shears available in the market with many styles and patterns, the same time the price variation is also very large, in general, the more expensive the price is the more sharp the shears, but for general gardening, an pair of ordinary shears can be competent. If you have children at home, a pair of round-ended shears is more suitable.

Watering Can

Watering can can be used to watering and Shi liquid fertilizer, metal texture and more durable than the plastic texture. It is need to be reminded that the most vulnerable also the most been lost part of a plastic flower pot is the spout, so each time when you finished the fertilization, you should clean the spout carefully and store it in time.

Handle Trigger Sprayer

Handle trigger sprayers are mainly used for spraying water and natural pesticides, which can emit water out with mist, and sprinkled on plants more evenly, judge the quality of a sprayer is to see whether the water mist sprayed out from the sprayer is enough tiny and equal or not.

Remember to clean the sprayer carefully after using, so to avoid the water hole of the trigger sprayer be plugged by contaminations.

Handle trigger sprayer is also can be replaced by water sprayer, although a water sprayer is not competent enough to finish the watering job as a trigger sprayer, it is still a good choice with inexpensive price.
** Original post: The Garden of Eden for Gardeners (Garden Tools World)