Monday, May 3, 2010

Flower Gardening - How to Manure?

I. A balance between nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is required

Fertilizer is a necessary nutrient for plants growth. Plants may absorb oxygen and calcium carbonate form air and absorb oxygen, carbon or hydrogen form soil; However, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium or potassium, magnesium contained in soil is often insufficient, so we must add fertilizer to make supplement.

In all fertilizers, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the three major factors, and have important functions; if we use plants to make an imagery, leaves are similar with nitrogen, fruits (flowers) similar with phosphors, and roots same with potassium. That is, nitrogen is one of the structural components of plant itself, when it is insufficient the leaves turn yellow. Phosphorus manure is one of the structural components of the nucleic acid, insufficient phosphate may impede flowering and fruiting; Potassium has functions of adjusting the physiological role of plant, insufficient potassic fertilizer may cause disease to plants.

Therefore, when to manure, you should pay attention to keep a balance between nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium three elements.

II. Fertilizers for gardening plants includes basal fertilizer and top dressing fertilizer

Fertilizers can be divided into organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, the former includes fermented oil grains, bone meal, dried cow dung, etc., the later is a type of chemically synthesized substances, commonly referred to synthetic fertilizers, and can be divided into solid fertilizer and liquid fertilizer apart. Among which, the organic fertilizer is a type of slow action fertilizer, and synthetic fertilizers includes both slow action and quick action fertilizers. These fertilizers can be divided into basal fertilizer and top dressing fertilizer, they are all conducive greatly to plant growth has

Basal fertilizers are slow action fertilizer, and top dressing fertilizers are quick action fertilizer.

The so-called basal fertilizer is the one should be mixed into soil before plants planting. If you use gardening container to grow, they are generally mixed into the soul, also you may mix granular slow action synthetic fertilizer into soil. As for the mixture ratio, please refer the instruction described in my previous post in this blog.

As top dressing fertilizer are fertilizers should be added during the plants growing course, most of them are liquid fertilizer, others are solid organic fertilizer, and synthetic fertilizer. If you choose to use liquid fertilizer, you’d best to dilute it with water before, which will be helpful to achieve a better effectiveness.

* Original post: The Garden of Eden for Gardeners (Garden Tools World)