Thursday, March 18, 2010

Choose Flower Containers Matching Location

Choose a suitable flower pot with different decorative location

The so-called "flower pot" is refers to the general term of pots used to grow plants and flowers, no matter to material, pattern and size there are changes with a countless quantity. In materials, there are distinctions of ceramic, plastic, wood, stone and etc.

According to different planting ways and different shapes, flower pots can be divided into following types:

A) Bowls and Pots (pots and small size containers)

Namely deep bowls with diameter about 30cm

B) Window type flower pots

Rectangular flower pots dedicated to decorative window sill.

C) Shallow bowl

Large size flower pot whose mouth length much longer than it depth, namely shallow bowl type.

D) Hanging baskets (hanging pot)

Flower baskets can be dangled or hang on the wall or fence.

E) Other flower pots

1. Large size flower pot - Barrel, etc..
2. Vase-type flower pot - flasks and so on.
3. Bowls special for strawberry

If you want to use flower containers to grow plants and decorative residency, first of all you must to decide the decorated location, and choose suitable flower containers and plants, then to prepare soil or fertilizers, and other tools.

ps: In the coming articles, we will introduce you basic knowledge of flower gardening, and flower containers, soil, tools and basic growing methods, as well as daily management issues.
* Original post: The Garden of Eden for Gardeners (Garden Tools World)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Basic Knowledge of Gardening III - Method of Plants Selection

In order to enjoy the fun of flower gardening fully, you must try to understand the special nature and characters of selected plants.

At this time, you can choose suitable plants based on the environment of flower location, or different sizes and shapes; However, if you want to put two and more species if plants into one flower container, aside from considering color match and shapes, you must pay much attention to the different natures of every species and arrange them correctly.

In addition, when you choose two or more species plants to grow them together, as for the height of different plants will have a great variation, so you should pay full attention to the plant height and grow conditions of them, otherwise if there is a variation in the plant heights, which will destroy the balance of the whole flower, and even caused stunted growth.

Moreover, special attention should been paid to the blooming periods and flowering periods of flowers grow in one flower container, if the flowering periods of flowers cultivated together are different, I am afraid it is difficult to show their respective beauty and charms fully.
* Original post: The Garden of Eden for Gardeners (Garden Tools World)