Friday, August 6, 2010

4 Useful Hand Tools Help You Take Care of The Garden (up)

1. Pruning

Adult woody plants need pruning before the sprouts come out soon, because once the eruption of new shoots, nutrients will focus on the new shoots, so you should to remove those unnecessary branches in advance, and leaving those healthy branches and shoots, thus lead nutrients concentrated on branches and avoid wasting. So if you want the branches can grow healthy, it is necessary to do some necessary pruning.
Generally a system pruning work should be carried out twice per year, and should be finished in the summer and winter respectively. The pruning focus in winter is lies on: leaving new branches (new branches issued last year) and branches flowering most in last spring, abandon aging branches; Such action will enable the plant more young, and the same time clear out some mixed branches, which will help plants maintain a good condition of ventilation and sunlight, but also organize the overall plant shape, make the plant figure more beautiful - the general principle is to prune branches to the full.
Pruning tools with different pruning objects have different types, for example, living branches shears (to cut off living branches), dead branches shears (to cut off dead branches), rose shears (to remove the thorns on rose stems) , high-branch shears (to cut off high branches on the tree), lawn shears (to shave lawns), hedge shears (to cut off hedges and other shrubs required high level of tidiness), etc., there are some special garden tools such as saws, which is to deal with branches rather thick.

2. Weeding

Plants need careful cultivation by the host to grow healthy. For weeds, they need no more special care, by dint of nutrients and water stored aside flowers and plants, they can grow freely and happily. In order to take care of our beloved plants and flowers, weeding is necessary.

In general, if the species of flowers and plants in your garden is somewhat complex, or the garden area is rather small, both of which are suitable for physical weeding way, such as using weeding shovel and weeding machine. If your garden has a large area or there are many flowers and plants in your garden in a single species, you can use herbicides.

Herbicides according to their chemical composition can be divided into two groups of organic and inorganic herbicides. Commonly inorganic herbicides there are arsenides and chlorates, now they have been obsolete gradually. Today the majority of herbicides has low toxicity on human and animals, however, to people with sensitive physique, for more security it’s best to take physical weeding with tools.

There are many tools used for weeding, including wide weeding fork, small weeding fork, weeding blade, short-handled cutting knife, for household using, a small weeding fork is enough.

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