Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How to Start a Garden with Basic Garden Tools

You don't need to spend much to start a garden, but you do need some basic garden tools. Anyway, if you are lucky enough to get these basic garden tools from a flea market or buy secondhand tools though online shopping, you can do it with no more than $100 …

Actually I will give you some useful tips on how to select basic tools for your garden…

First Tip. Spading Fork

The first basic tool you need is a spading fork. Before you plant anything, you will need to cultivate and improve the soil. A spading fork looks like a pitchfork but has a shorter handle and wider cusps. It is necessary to dig down into hard soil and break up the ground.

Second Tip. Hoe

The next garden tool you need is a hoe. A hoe is useful and helpful for weeding weeds and cultivating the surface of the soil to allow a smooth penetration of water and nutrients.

Third Tip. Spray Can
Thirdly a spray can is needed. Select a spray can that has a detachable spray head, as well as has long nozzles that allow the water to come out at a very gentle flow rate and are useful for reaching across long distances, and this type of spray can is also a best garden tool for watering young saplings and seedlings.

Fourth Tip. Shovel

A digging shovel is also one of basic garden tools that must listed in your purchasing list, and you may select a round-ended shovel for larger digging projects, such as get a good ready for planting shrubs and trees.

Fifth Tip. Garden Rake
A good garden rake is needed basically, too. And pay more attention to select a good garden rake, best a bow rake, which has short cusps on one side attached to a metal frame. You will use it to level the soil after it has been turned and prior to planting, as well as to remove large clods of earth or rocks from the soil. You will find a bow rake is helpful when you want to smooth the garden soil in preparation for planting, only thing you should do is to turn the bow rake over and use its flat side…

Sixth Tip. Garden Shear

Shears, sometimes people called it clippers, are used for pruning, shaping and removing foliage or branches. A pair of garden shears will useful in the process of the garden construction, and you’d better remind to select a pair of universal shears that fits comfortably in your hand, and an expensive garden shears are not always the best one suited you…

* Friendly Warning:

Generally a expensive garden tool means higher quality or multi functions, but for a garden beginner, it not a good choice, because at the beginning you are not sure which kind of garden tools you need mostly, maybe you are still not sure you are like gardening truly, so in order to avoid a large amount of money consumption, it is not necessary to buy a expensive garden tool until you make a firm decide to start gardening… 

* Original address of this garden tools post: The Garden of Eden for Gardeners

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