Thursday, December 3, 2009

Usual Sharpening Tools for Garden Tools

Keeping your garden tools such as lawn mowers, pruning shears and loppers is often suggested to be a very important function in every gardening book. However, keeping garden tools sharp is very difficult for most gardeners. Beware of using a powered grinding wheel. If you are not skilled with such a device, you can take too much metal off your garden tool in a few seconds of not paying attention.

Here are a few sharpening tools that usual and useful we have found, and if you interested with them, you may search more info about them on the Internet.

Lansky Sharpener for Garden Tool and Lawn Mower

This Lawn and Garden Tool sharpener offers flat and curved surfaces to make it easy to restore like new performance to lawn mower blades, shovels and spades, hoes, sickles and scythes, machetes and other cutting and digging tools. The special design of this sharpener minimizes fatigue and enhances user comfort. Quickly removes dents and nicks that result from hitting rocks, stones and concrete.

Lansky “The Puck” Dual-Grit Multi-Functional Sharpener

This pocket-size Lansky Dual-Grit Multi-Functional Sharpener is ideal for sharpening lawn mower blades, machetes, hatchets, axe blades, shovels and spades plus a variety of other cutting and chopping tools. The Puck's easy-to-grip contoured shape provides safe and simple tool sharpening. Dual-Grit design provides a coarse side for quick cutting and shaping, and a medium side for final sharpening and finishing of your edge.

DMT Two-in-One Diafold Diamond Sharpener

If you’ve invested in good quality pruners and loppers, it is important to maintain it with a sharp cutting edge. Sharp pruning and cutting tools produce cleaner cuts that are easier to perform and are better for the health of the plant. DMT sharpener (9½”/24 cm open, 5”/12.5 cm closed. Made in USA.) is made with monocrystalline diamonds, a strong single crystal structure that doesn’t break apart with use, bonded in nickel to steel with recessed dots for chip clearance.

Diamond is the hardest material and is the most efficient sharpening abrasive requiring just a light pressure to produce a sharp edge with just a few strokes. The two-in-one Diafold has two grits, fine and coarse, on reverse sides for added versatility and convenience. By using the coarser side first, and then moving to the finer surface, a razor sharp edge can be achieved. Use the coarse side to restore a dull edge and then fine surface to maintain an edge. The folding plastic handle will protect the diamond Sharpener when not in use.

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