Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Basic Knowledge of Gardening II - Fun of Flower Gardening

As long as there is space in your home for placing a variety of flower pots, you can design and create a charm garden with rich changes according to the material, shapes, sizes, and plants you choose to grow.

Aside from plastic, concrete and stainless steel and other artificial substances, the material of flower pots could be ceramic pots, pottery or rosewood and other natural materials.

Considering the ventilation or drainage, etc. cultivation level, can based on the coordination between material and the surrounding, or coordination between materials and plants, materials and surrounding landscape or highlight sense, thus to emphasis the effect of display.

In general, the balcony and corridors are often targets to be designed into a flower garden. In addition, the United States and Europe countries, people often use roofs, gazebos, wood flooring or window sidebar as locations of engaged in flower gardening.

In addition, the vestibule or lobby, are also the most suitable places for flower potted gardening. In addition, the common bay windows, if you have some ingenuity, it can be formed into a beautiful landscape too.

* Original post: The Garden of Eden for Gardeners (Garden Tools World)

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  1. Once your efforts in flower gardening have taken off and there are products of your very hard work all around you, it is important to keep a watchful eye on your flowers. There are so many bugs out there just waiting and willing to take a big bite out of that pretty purple petal the moment you turn your back. And that is the reason why so many people turn to chemicals when flower gardening in order to protect their hard work. No one wants to step out of their house one morning to see tiny little holes punctured through all of the pretty petals of their flowers. That would surely be the worst thing that could happen to someone involved in flower gardening.