Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Flowers should be Treated in Different Ways for the Winter

Flowers can be mainly divided into two groups: Cold-Resistant and Cold-Fragile.

Most of flowers and plants come from tropical and subtropical regions will stop growing and get into dormant term when the circumstance temperature is under 10 degrees Celsius, otherwise their branches and leaves will be damaged easily and even froze out. For example, araucaria, cordylie fruticosa, pocket coconut, aglaia, clivia, jasmine, pineapple, color cactus planted directly in pots and other plants etc., the room temperature should be kept at about 3-5 degrees Celsius; While banyan tree, palm bamboo, balata, aloe, tulip wood, epiphyllum, and so on, the lowest room temperature should be kept at 1-3 degrees Celsius or more higher.

As rose, azalea, laurel, cycads and other plants are belonging to cold-resistant plants, so even if they been placed in a balcony or outdoors they can survive the winter safety; While the aglaia, chlorophytum, pachira macrocarpa and other cold-fragile plants should be moved into the room. Therefore, for the coming winter, we must treat different flowers and plants in different ways.


Chlorophytum is a type of semi-cold resistant plant, which can survive in winter indoors, but the leaves may die. However, dead leaves does not matter, as long as its roots not die, chlorophytum can grow better in the next year. In particular, remember that, although the leaves of chlorophytum have dead, you’d best move it into the room for the winter. Timely watering is also necessary when it turn to drought, but be careful not to take too much watering, otherwise their roots will rot.


In summer days taken care of bunting is more easily than chlorophytum, it has strong reproductive competence, it can grow under the full sunlight and half-sunlight conditions, bunting is good at cool-resistance, bunting likes warmth and should be kept wettish in the whole year. So in winter it should be placed indoor, and if the indoor temperature is too low, it will shriveled, too.


Ivy is rather good at cold-resistance, it do not demands too much sunshine, and it like living in cool places. For ivy, living indoor is no very difficult, while the sultry climate with high temperature in summer is no good to the growth of ivy.

Aloe Vera

Aloe like bright sunshine with rather high temperature, but must be careful to avoid exposing to strong sunlight. In winter the lowest circumstance temperature can not less than 2 degrees Celsius, so you should move it indoors timely. Although aloe vera likes water, but you can not watering it every day, you may watering it when the soil turn to very dry.

Pachira Macrocarpa

Pachira is fear of coldness, placing it in an air-conditioned room in winter, it will overwinter easily. In usually days you may watering it once per two weeks, but in winter you should watering it once a couple of months.

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