Sunday, March 15, 2009

Branch Thinning of Jasmine Flowers

Jasmine Flowers in good conditions of growing & cultivation will have formed a large number of branches after years of growth. 

Although for jasmine having many branches are the basis of high-yielding, but if it go beyond too much, it will cause bad results of field closures, inadequate lighting, poor ventilation and too much consumption of nutrients, and the watershoots will increased significantly while the number of buds per sequence will reducing, at that time the production and quality of jasmine flowers will be affected too.

The branch thinning job generally should be carried on during in the period of plant branches growing vigorously. At the beginning, in order to get a higher yield of spring flowers, usually only those worm branches, weak branches and watershoots should been cut and all healthy branches should be kept on.

As time went to June or July, through a series of branches divarication, field closure has become more obvious, and the flower price in this term annually also turn to inexpensive relatively, so it is the best time for branch thinning.
A flower shear or knife are generally choose to do the branch thinning, all branches grown too dense or relative weak, water shoots and worm branches should be cut off. 

The branch cutting should be start from gnarls grown this year or last year, and when cutting branches, the best job is branch to be cut off by once thus make the cutting face small and smooth, non-cracking, and do branch pruning on sunny days,

How much branches should be cut off based on the field closure status, generally 15% ~ 20% of the branches could be cut off.

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